Savings & Investments

If you have some money to save or invest, Sean P. Matthews Insurances will give you impartial advice. We will explain the difference between speculating and investing and show that you need not take big risks for decent rewards. Sean is a QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) and he can help you to determine the correct investment mix for you.

As interest rates on deposit accounts vary considerably and regularly, why not let us do the checking for you? We utilise the latest technology to determine the most up to date rates available at any time and can advise you on a sensible and well thought out savings strategy. Why not take a free consultation and then decide for yourself?

We also advise clients who wish to take on some level of risk, or have some exposure to world markets. We have access to a wide range of differing type of bond/tracker Investments across many competing financial institutions. Before advising on such investments we conduct a thorough financial fact-find with our clients, and look at age, risk profile, investment experience, personal objectives, and overall financial position. This risk analysis is conducted as part of the Central Bank of Ireland’s policy on advising older clients (55+).

If you would like more detailed information on investments & savings or any of our products or financial services please call Sean and he will be happy to discuss your financial planning needs. If you wish to call into the office or if you prefer Sean to meet with you he will be happy to do so.


Are you confused with all the various plans that the various pension companies offer.